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Doorbuster deal: A 3.5-quart Le Creuset pot is just $120 (Update: Expired)

We've never seen the fancy French cookware priced like this before.

Le Creuset

Attention: There's a real-deal Le Creuset enameled cast-iron essential oven in matte gray down to $120 right now with code EXTRA. As someone who keeps tabs on French cookware pricing the way brokers track stocks, I can tell you that's as low as you're going to find a piece of cookware like this from the coveted French cookware-maker. Unless, ya know, it falls off the back of a truck or something. 

By comparison, the same 3.5-quart pot is selling for $180 or $250 on Amazon, depending on the color. As far as we can tell, it's never dropped below $180 before now. 

If you're wondering how an essential oven differs from a classic Dutch oven, it's almost exactly the same in every way except with shorter and slightly sloped sides. You'll still be able to make tender roasts, sear and braise meats, cook slow Sunday sauces, stews and all the other wonderful things one can do in a Le Creuset enameled cast-iron pot. The 3.5-quart is perfect for regularly cooking for three or four, but if you've got many more mouths than that, it might be a little small. It's without a doubt my favorite piece of cookware and any home chef on your shopping list will gush over it.

A couple of notes: This $120 price is for the French matte gray color only and you have to plug in code EXTRA to get the additional 20%, bringing the tag down to $120 -- normally $180 or more. Williams Sonoma appears to be charging about $16 for shipping but we're still talkin' an incredible deal on an heirloom-worthy piece of kitchen cookware. 

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