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WokMon focuses gas range into super-hot 'breath of the wok'

This gadget, looking for crowdfunding, turns an average gas range into a stir-frying machine. Instead of a spread-out flame, the device concentrates all the heat underneath the wok.

Glen Lee, the inventor of the WokMon poses with his invention and a portable burner. The secret is a focusing ring that concentrates flames from a gas range into one area.
Glen Lee, the inventor of the WokMon poses with his invention and a portable burner. Michael Alan

There comes a time in every thoughtful gadget fan's life when they stumble across a product that makes them ask: "Why didn't I think of that?" Sometimes they're so good we're just glad somebody did think of that. For me, the WokMon is one of those gadgets.

Anybody who has ever tried to stir fry food at home knows that it is not easy to replicate the restaurant experience. The elusive element is not an ingredient, however, it's something called wok hei -- very beautifully translated as "breath of the wok."

It is the essence of wok cooking that is directly attributable to the extremely high heat traditionally used in restaurants with professional equipment. The problem for home cooks has been how to coax a fire-breathing wok out of a standard home appliance. Enter the WokMon.

The brainchild of Glen Lee, who also invented mechanical chopsticks, the accessory focuses the flames from a standard home gas burner into one powerful stream. Consisting of a minimal amount of parts -- basically a metal ring and a raised platform -- the gadget redirects the flame from gas burners into a concentrated area.

There is nothing to install, no moving parts, nothing to plug in. It's just a physical creation that takes the ability of your home range to a new level. And I'm glad Glen Lee thought of it.

The WokMon is a current campaign up now on Crowdzu. Head on over to see it being put through its paces.