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11 Best Mail-Order Turkeys for Thanksgiving

If you have plans to buy your turkey online this year, the time to order is now.

If you're planning to buy your turkey online this year, you have loads of options, but the time to pounce is now to ensure delivery in time for Thanksgiving. In fact, some of our favorite butchers have Thanksgiving ordering deadlines as soon as Nov. 15.

And if you want to secure a particular type of turkey or a specific size, your best bet is to order your turkey online today and freeze it for the big day. To help, we've rounded up the best places to buy a mail-order turkey online to make sure you're stocked and ready for your November feast. 

What kind of turkeys can you buy online?

Buying a turkey online may not be the most obvious way to secure the all-important Thanksgiving entree, but many of our favorite online markets and meat purveyors sell top-quality turkeys including organic, kosher and precooked turkeys at competitive prices. Plus, if you buy your turkey online, you won't have to lug that big brute home from the store. You'll even find delicious turduckens (a turkey stuffed with a duck stuffed with a chicken) if you want to get a little funky this November. 

Below we've outlined the best places to buy your turkey online in 2022 and a few helpful hints for locking down the perfect bird for Thanksgiving ahead of time. 


No interest in cooking? Southside Market will send you a fully smoked turkey all ready to be served.

Southside Market

Can you buy a turkey now and have it shipped later?

Yes, in some cases. Reserving and buying your mail-order turkey online from a purveyor such as D'Artagnan or Williams Sonoma means you'll likely get the exact type and size of bird you want without having to arm wrestle with your neighbors. While most of the online turkey vendors we listed here allow preordering, not all vendors do, so double-check before you order. 

It's also worth noting that the global and US supply chains are wonky and unpredictable right now. Because of that, you may want to have your mail-order turkey delivered on the early side, even if the vendor promises to have it on your doorstep before Nov. 24. We make no promises about online turkey logistics, even if the sellers do.

Can you freeze a turkey ahead of Thanksgiving?

Yes, absolutely. You can freeze a turkey safely for up to a year. The big issue is typically freezer space, but if you're gunning for a smaller bird, it might not be a problem. Just make sure you start to take it out a full day before the big day, because that sucker is going to take at least 24 hours to safely thaw, depending on the size.

Best mail-order turkeys for Thanksgiving


This online market and butcher has organic and heritage mail-order turkeys available for preorder now. It's one of the best places online to buy turkeys in varying sizes, too. You can snare eight to 10-pound birds for $76 and the sizes go up from there. There are also Narragansett Heritage birds starting at $166 or Green Circle's hormone-free turkeys in a slew of weights starting at $82. 

Note: We've tested D'Artagnan's meats several times and were impressed enough to have it land on our list of best meat delivery in 2022


ButcherBox is one of the best popular meat delivery services we've tried. Typically, you have to sign up to get in on the goods, but not this year: Thanksgiving turkeys ($85) and Thanksgiving feast boxes ($139) are available for one-time purchase through ButcherBox with no membership required. 

If you do sign up for a ButcherBox membership between now and Nov. 13, you'll get a free turkey in your first box in time for the holiday. Subscriptions start at $169 and include 9 to 14 pounds of beef, chicken and seafood and can be paused or canceled at any time. 

Porter Road

Porter Road is another solid online butcher and has 13 to 15-pound Jolly Farm turkeys on sale for $140. The cutoff to order is Nov. 15 if you want delivery by Thanksgiving. 

Crowd Cow

This 15-pound mail-order turkey from Blackwing Farm is available for $110 over at Crowd Cow -- one of the many great online butchers that have emerged lately. This bird is big enough to serve 10 to 12 people and is raised free of hormones and antibiotics.

Crowd cow has one of the largest selections of meats of any market, so if you'd like to tack some rib roasts or steaks onto a turkey order, this is the place to do it.


If you really want to get your Thanksgiving gathering some social media attention, go for the turducken. That's a chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey. Many of them have stuffing, too, so we're talking a lot of food all ready to roast. Goldbelly has large turduckens to feed as many as 15 people.

Williams Sonoma

The upscale retailer might be best known for cookware and tableware, but it's actually got a wide selection of turkeys available for purchase online including both prebrined and precooked birds. Snag a 6- to 10-pound Diestel turkey brined in lemon and herb for $125, for instance.

Williams Sonoma also has Willie Bird free-range prebrined turkeys that come in sizes all the way up to 22 pounds or just snag an organic boneless breast if you're a white meat kind of person.


These turkeys are famous and well-awarded in the UK and they've recently flown across the pond. KellyBronze birds are raised on a diet "more strict than organic," and don't just live in open pastures but in literal woods like wild birds. They are actually bred to be wild and then aged twice as long as standard turkeys (more cost for them but more flavor for you) and hand-plucked before being shipped to you -- raw, not frozen. These fancy birds cook faster than most turkeys so be wary of the instructions when your KB arrives.

Cooks Venture

Maybe turkey isn't your thing on Thanksgiving. If so, that's totally OK. For those who claim chicken as their poultry of preference, I'd suggest Cooks Venture. These certified humanely raised heirloom chickens were bred to be healthy, not just big, and raised with sustainable farming practices. You can have these great eatin' birds sent to your front door for $26 each when you buy six.

Cream Co.

These pasture-raised turkeys are brought up on a 500-acre regenerative ranch in the Sierra Foothills of California. As good as the birds have it, the strict farming standards and practices are dually important since they net minimal negative impact on the environment, unlike factory farms. 

The regen turkeys start at $99 and can be ordered online now or you can bag a Spanish heritage mail-order turkey for $125. Both are still in stock -- for now.


For those keeping kosher during the holidays, Amazon sells double-certified kosher Wise turkeys. Choose either a 14- to 16-pounder (currently out of stock) or the larger 16- to 18-pound size. Amazon also sells fresh halal turkeys starting at $99.

Wise Organics Double Certified Organic Whole Turkey, Glatt Kosher, Non GMO, Free Range (16-18 Pounds)
Southside Market

Listen, if you've committed to hosting Thanksgiving but the idea of cooking an entire turkey is keeping you up at night or you simply just don't want to deal with all of that, I'm here to tell you that you've got options. Buying a precooked turkey online does have a higher likelihood of it drying out, but the exception is smoked turkey. It's a more complicated cooking process. 

A tried and true barbecue outfit like Southside Market will have it down, and smoked turkeys keep their moisture much better than oven-roasted. Southside will deliver these precooked 12- to 14-pound turkeys anywhere in the country. All you do is warm it in the oven on the big day for 60-90 minutes at 350 degrees F and you're good to go. 

Note: We personally tested this precooked turkey, which was full of flavor and not at all dry.

Fancy online food purveyor Goldbelly also has a slew of precooked turkey options if Southside's birds sell out.

Note about delivery and testing: Please check with the individual vendor to ensure timely delivery dates before placing an order. Also, note that while we have tested numerous products from every vendor on this list, we haven't personally tested this year's Thanksgiving turkeys, and our "best" determinations are based on their specialties or menu differentiations as outlined below. But these are the suggestions we'd make to our family and friends, based on our research and prior experience with each service overall.

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