What our readers thought of the Schick vibrating razor

We recently asked CNET Australia readers to try out a new vibrating razor from Schick. Here is what they had to say.

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We recently asked CNET Australia readers to try out a new vibrating razor from Schick, and to let us know what they think. We asked our guest reviewers to keep their reviews short and sharp, much like the razors. Here is what they had to say.

The vibrating Schick Hydro Power Select (Credit: Schick)

Zoilo, NSW

I was very excited to receive this razor, but, to tell you the truth, I am a sceptic when it comes to "new" razor technology. Seriously, why would you need so many blades? Also, the fact that it vibrated made me think twice about such a product. All this scepticism soon faded as I used the razor for the first time. It was smooth and quite refreshing. I don't think the vibrating part was necessary, though, because I couldn't feel the difference in irritation after shaving with it on or off. Overall, it was a great shave, but I still didn't see the point of the vibrating.

Roger, Vic

Having never used a five-bladed razor before, I used it with the vibrate feature turned off for the first couple of shaves. The few shaves without vibration went well, the end result was pleasing and I have no complaints with what I see or feel.

On the third day, I used the vibrate function for the first time. There are three intensity settings, and I chose the highest. Even on high, I think the vibration is weak.

Shaving starts off the same, but there are a couple of obvious differences. Firstly, the increased movement of the head increased the amount of gel from the gel strip, and at times my skin became rather "icky" and "gooey".

Secondly, when I dipped my razor in the basin to wash off the foam and shake off the excess water, I found the head held the water. It was almost as if the vibration was holding in the water droplets.

Then, when I shaved, water would run down my face and onto my shirt. This would only happen when the vibration was turned on. I cannot see any difference in the result of the shave, and I did not see the shaving experience being any easier because of the vibration.

Damon, Vic

Being 47, I can remember the days when we could all shave with a single blade. Despite continuing blade inflation, I've stuck with the same three-bladed system for 15-odd years. When given the opportunity to try a vibrating, five-bladed razor, I was curious enough to see how far the shaving world had passed me by. The Schick Hydro 5 sits comfortably in the hand, and is well balanced, although the need to house a AAA battery means the handle is thicker than what I am used to. The shaving experience is smooth — there's no sensation of dragging blades across your face; rather, it feels like using an electric razor. Results were good with a shave at least as close as my existing system, but with much less skin irritation. I'm impressed, but I'll try it for a few more days before ditching the old system.

Sant, Vic

The Schick Hydro is great. My irritation is gone. The gel on the lip of blade does wonders in the shaving experience. The gel that was sent with it has as cool a sensation as the freshness of chilled water.

I think I will ditch Gillette.

So, there you have it. A big thanks to our guest reviewers. Have you tried one of these new vibrating razors? Let us know your thoughts below.