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Vitamix's new stainless steel container makes icy-cold smoothies and frozen drinks

The new blender accessory has serious malt shop energy.


Certain kitchen appliances elicit a specific glee whenever I walk by them or glance in their direction. It's like some delusional transitive pride in how well it works, almost as if I'd invented it myself. My Vitamix sits firmly in that category. I like the way it looks and I love the way it blends: whirring a morning smoothie to the perfect consistency, granulating nuts and cookies for a homemade pie crust or spinning soup so fast that it pours out hot!

Now the beloved blender brand is offering a sleek 48-ounce stainless steel blending container and somehow it makes the regal Vitamix look even better. According to Vitamix, the company received so many inquiries and requests for this very accessory that it decided to meet the call. The stainless steel canister fits both the Classic and Smart System models and works in place of your copolyester (plastic) container for any job, but is ideal for cold-blending shakes, smoothies and frozen drinks. It also keeps the contents colder for longer after blending.

I had a chance to demo the steel container and it delivered on these promises. I appreciated the easy-to-read measuring marks and was surprised at how light it was -- comparable to the plastic versions. One drawback is not being able to see inside the container, for obvious reasons, so if you're not sure about the consistency you will likely have to stop blending more often to check. Priced at $200, it's certainly not cheap either. Since the copolyester containers work great, the stainless canister is by no means a must-have accessory, but it sure looks sharp in a kitchen with other stainless steel appliances, or for playing malt shop with the kids.