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Uuni 2 wood-fired pizza oven dials in an upgrade

The Uuni 2 is an affordable outdoor oven. Reaching temperatures in excess of 800 degrees, the wood-pellet oven brings pizza convenience to a new level.

The Uuni 2 wood-fired outdoor oven rivals pizza delivery for convenience. Uuni

The accessibility of pizza cannot be denied. Within mere moments, pizza can be delivered into your waiting arms -- sometimes within 30 minutes or less. All one has to do is pick up the phone and use the rotary dial to call a nearby pizzeria. If you don't know the number, the phone book will surely have a listing (and perhaps, the operator will know the number). Just think, fresh hot pizza delivery without having to get up off the couch. What a time to be alive. In the 1970s.

Of course, things have changed. Now, in a world of smartphone apps and pizza trackers, ordering a pizza has never been easier. But still, no matter how quick and easy it may be to order a pizza, this is still delivery we are talking about. In fact, it takes a whole lot less time to just cook your own pizza. Perhaps even as few as 118 seconds.

The Uuni 2 ($299) is an outdoor oven that kicks out a pizza in just a couple of minutes. The wood-pellet fueled oven attains the high cooking temperatures so necessary for achieving pizza perfection. The second-generation Uuni improves upon the original Kickstarter design by adding increased temperature control via a larger hopper. The result is a stainless steel oven that is versatile while being small in stature.

A good pizza never goes out of style, and in fact, good pizza now means much more than it did back in the day; tastes have evolved and pizza consumers expect more out of their pies. Meanwhile, technology will progress, and sooner or later our pizzas will be delivered by drones and self-driving cars. But until they incorporate a pizza oven into these delivery devices, homemade pizza still has them beat.