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Uncomplicate breakfast with the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Burrito Maker

The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Burrito Maker cooks and constructs the breakfast fave. No thinking necessary.

The Hamilton Beach Breakfast Burrito Maker is friend to hungry mornings. Hamilton Beach

Breakfast is only the beginning. After breakfast comes lunch. But before lunch comes brunch. Somebody was thinking clearly when they made that up. And perhaps that is what is so odd about this meal that got squeezed into the a.m. hours; this is not the time of day for thinking clearly.

Could it be that brunch was invented by a non-morning person? Yes, I do believe that makes sense. The late morning hours give time for the shroud of sleep to completely burn off. But what of those early hours that the rest of us must trudge through? Must we be relegated to non-thinking bowls of cereal and no-brainer breakfast bars?

Complicated meals are not the friend of early morning hours, but the Hamilton Beach Breakfast Burrito Maker ($44.99) seeks to disagree. The breakfast-making contraption (complete with trap door) heats tortillas and cooks eggs automatically. When the eggs are ready, slide out the cooking plate from underneath and they get neatly deposited onto the waiting tortilla.

The breakfast burrito-making machine may do everything but fold and eat it for you, but that doesn't mean you are completely off the hook; decisions still have to be made. Luckily, these are delicious decisions in the form of choosing ingredients. Peppers? Yes. Onions? Yes. Pre-cooked meat and cheese? Yes, yes and yes. And if you somehow manage to make an executive decision in the morning and decide upon something other than a breakfast burrito? Well, this countertop appliance also makes stuffed pancakes. Don't worry; recipes are included.