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Travel light, eat well with the Briefcase Barbecue

The Briefcase Barbecue is a folding portable grill. Business travel never tasted so good.

Wow clients in a new way with the Briefcase Barbecue.
Wow clients in a new way with the Briefcase Barbecue. Hammacher Schlemmer

In times of yore, going out of town for business could be nerve-racking. Of course, business travel still has its ups and downs, but accumulating all the necessary files, papers and presentations to bring along means nothing more than remembering to charge the battery on your laptop or tablet. While the shift from physical business luggage to digital necessities has mostly been fulfilled, there are still a few things that benefit from a real world presence. Like barbecue.

The Briefcase Barbecue ($79.95) is designed for home, the road and all points in between. The get-up-and-go valise is a self-contained cooking grill that offers a novel way to eat (or entertain a client).

In the closed position, the familiar design provides easy portability complete with carrying handle and rubberized legs that tuck under the base. When opened, the legs provide stability and the portable grill reveals not work papers, but a metal cooking grate complete with a charcoal hopper.

Of course, if you want to fill it up with work papers, by all means go right ahead, but you should probably pick up a really nice steak to impress the client, since the presentation is going to go up in smoke.