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Clean your electric range with a razor blade and cloth

It's found in the painting supplies section of the hardware store and will make your electric range sparkle.

Alina Bradford

You probably bought your flat-top range because it's really easy to clean and, as long as you immediately wipe up any spill, it is. If you tend to clean up only after you're finished cooking, spilled food can leave black crusty spots on the burners. These crusty spots can take forever to scrub away with regular kitchen cleaning tools. For a faster clean-up you need to wander down the painting supply section of your local hardware or home improvement store and pick up a scraper knife.

A scraper knife is a retractable razor blade with a handle that is typically used for scraping dried paint from windows. It works just as well for scraping dried crust off ceramic glass stove tops.

The key is to hold the blade at an angle while scraping to avoid scratching the range. Hold the blade so that the outside of your hand (the pinkie finger side) is hovering just above the range. Set the blade on the range and push it away from you, pushing downward only slightly. The blade will skim the burnt-on food right off. Wipe the blade with a cloth every now and then to make scraping easier.