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New Electrolux home appliances are compact but pack a real wallop

The company's all-new stove is compact but built to be big on features. A new washer-dryer combo shares the same philosophy.

The new Free-Standing ranges from Electrolux come in gas and electric models. Electrolux

LAS VEGAS -- In a world where bigger is often seen as better, Electrolux, an old hand at crafting household appliances, has taken a different tack. At the KBIS 2015 show here, the company unveiled a trio of new home additions designed to easily be shoehorned into space-challenged apartments.

The first and second is the Free-Standing Range, in both electric and gas models, while the third is a compact washer and dryer combo. According to Electrolux, all three machines are minute enough to update cozy living areas with minimal to no renovation.

Equipped with a front-mounted touch-control surface, the Electrolux Free-Standing Range will be sold in gas- and electric-powered versions costing $2,399 and $2,199 respectively. No matter the energy source, however, both stoves will feature large burner dials on their forward faces. Beneath the cooktops you'll also find convection ovens paired with temperature probes for monitoring food status during baking.

Meet the Electrolux compact washer. Electrolux

Electrolux also touts the advanced cleaning abilities of its new $999 washing machine and dryer pair, calling out its ventless design for placement just about anywhere (or at least close to a water source), plus deep steam purging of stubborn dirt and grime. These fresh appliances are immediately available for purchase.