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The Sandwich Knife keeps it all together

The Sandwich Knife uses two blades to slice sandwich-ready bread at once. The offset blades keep the slices hinged together.

The Sandwich Knife says two slices are better than one.
The Sandwich Knife says two slices are better than one.The Sandwich Knife

Anyone can slap a piece of ham in between some sliced bread and call it a sandwich. Similarly, anyone can slap an extra thing on something and call it a new invention. (Herb scissors, anyone?) However, real innovation occurs when one thinks differently, outside the box, and doesn't color within the lines -- or in this case, use standard commonly accepted sandwich-making guidelines such as two wholly separated slices of bread.

The Sandwich Knife is a two-bladed knife that slices bread twice as nice. More than just the sum of its parts (that being two knives), the Kickstarter campaign offers something that presliced bread from a bag can never offer: not quite sliced bread.

Instead of cutting all the way through, one of the blades is slightly offset from the other; as one cuts all the way through, the other stops just shy. The result is two slices of bread that have a nice little backing holding it together helping to keep contents within.

Not as encapsulating as a pita and not as plain as plain sliced white bread, the results from using the dual blade Sandwich Knife are open to interpretation. Perhaps an extra-saucy or otherwise overflowing sandwich is in your future. Yet, for now, you'll have to wait; assuming everything works out, the estimated delivery is October 2015. Until then, you'll just have to make your own.