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The Kuhn Rikon Mixer Splatter Guard keeps the batter in the bowl

The Kuhn Rikon Mixer Splatter Guard fits over mixing bowls. For use with mixers or stick blenders, the bowl topper keeps batters and sauces contained.

Find a new tradition with the Kuhn Rikon Mixer Splatter Guard.
Find a new tradition with the Kuhn Rikon Mixer Splatter Guard. Kuhn Rikon

There are certain traditions that emerge from the oven along with a batch of freshly-baked cookies. Of course, there is the tradition of biting into a cookie before it cools (which may or may not happen more than once), but before the cookies get put in the oven, there, too, are traditions.

A scene that has repeated itself over and over throughout the ages is that of the Licking of the Beaters (while somehow avoiding the raw egg). Another indelible image that cannot be avoided is the Great Splattering of the Batter from the hand mixer and the subsequent cleaning up while the cookies bake. Ah, traditions.

However, traditions can evolve.

The Kuhn Rikon KHN 20179 Mixer Splatter Guard ($20) is a silicone bowl topper that looks to mix up things in the kitchen. (There's no price quoted on the company's UK website, but its US price converts to around £12.81.) The simple contraption fits bowls of up to 12 inches in diameter, and works with hand mixers or immersion blenders. A radial cut gives access to mixing tools while ribbed circular edges help keep the top steady on a variety of different mixing bowls.

With the Great Cleaning of the Kitchen Countertop (and Cupboards and Walls) removed from list of cookie-baking traditions, there will be more free time. Perhaps even enough time to research a new recipe. But then again, some traditions are just fine as they are.