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The June Oven adds more cooking modes and fresh smarts for 2021

The third generation of the June Oven is on the way for 2021 with plans to upgrade your smart oven experience.

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The third-gen June Oven makes its debut in 2021, but you can preorder now.


We've tested both generations of the June Smart Oven at the CNET Smart Home. Impressed by the software, look and feel of the June experience, we recommended it to anyone willing to shell out big bucks for smart oven tech. Now, June is taking preorders for its third-gen model. Prices start at $599 for the new oven, which includes updated software and more cooking functions than the previous-gen cookers. (The June isn't currently available outside the US but $599 converts to about £440 or AU$800)

The third-gen oven will be a 12-in-one appliance. It can air fry, slow cook, grill, dehydrate, broil, bake, proof, stone fire pizza, roast, toast, keep food warm and reheat leftovers. Grilling and the stone-fire pizza mode are new for this model. 

Like the June ovens before it, this generation recognizes food for precise cooking. A streamlined touchscreen interface directs you through cooking modes and options, and a camera inside takes a look at your dinner to identify exactly what's on the menu. June says that new software will offer an even better experience than before. 


The new June Oven will have a stone fire pizza mode an optional accessories. 


The six heating elements that make up the oven's core cooking power will now be individually controllable. The second-gen model allowed users to control heating elements in three groups. The new control options enable better roasting options like rotisserie-style cooking, and zoned cooking that can zero in on where food has been placed inside the oven. 

The new oven comes with material changes as well. A new aluminum handle and guard rails on the top heating elements have been added along with new convection fan motors for quieter operation. A new chip set has also been implemented to improve connectivity with Wi-Fi and the June mobile app. 


The third-gen June Oven has upgraded software, hardware and more cooking modes. 


If you're interested in the newest June Oven, you'll need to choose a bundle. Those range from $599 to $999, depending on the accessories you want.

You'll also have membership options for 2021 that include additional remote control options, recipes, and live videos in the June app. Here's how June has priced the accessory bundles:

June Smart Oven bundle

  • Price: $599
  • Accessories: Food thermometer, nonstick pan, stainless steel crumb tray, wire shelf
  • One-year warranty

June Smart Oven Plus bundle

  • Price: $799
  • Accessories: Food thermometer, nonstick pan, roasting rack, stainless steel crumb tray, wire shelf
  • Two-year warranty and one-year June app premium membership

June Smart Oven Premium bundle

  • Price: $999
  • Two-year warranty
  • Accessories: Pizza and grill kit (enameled cast-iron grill/griddle with pizza peel), baskets, stainless steel pro food thermometer, silicone food thermometer, two nonstick pans, two roasting racks, stainless steel crumb tray, wire shelf
  • One-year June app premium membership

June's new oven is available for preorder now with ship dates through early 2021, depending on the bundle you choose. Visit June's website to learn more about bundles and membership options.