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Best Thanksgiving Meal Delivery for 2022

Grab an easy Thanksgiving meal kit to make hosting a breeze this holiday.

David Watsky Senior Editor / Home and Kitchen
David lives in Brooklyn where he's logged more than a decade writing about all things edible, including meal kits and meal delivery subscriptions, cooking, kitchen gear and commerce. Since earning a BA in English from Northeastern in Boston, he's toiled in nearly every aspect of the eats business from slicing and dicing as a sous-chef in Rhode Island to leading complex marketing campaigns for major food brands in Manhattan. These days, he's likely somewhere trying the latest this or tasting the latest that - and reporting back, of course. Anything with sesame is his all-time favorite food this week.
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David Watsky
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hello fresh meal delivery service
Best for a complete Thanksgiving meal kit (turkey, sides, dessert)
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Blue Apron
Another option for a full Thanksgiving meal kit
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Best place to order turduckens
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Best for a cheap Thanksgiving meal kit
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Whole Foods Market
To have Thanksgiving catered
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Best for Thanksgiving pies
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Freshly (no cooking)
Best prepared Thanksgiving meal for a single or couple
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Home Chef
Best easy meal kit for turkey and a la carte sides
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Purple Carrot
Best for a vegan Thanksgiving
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Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon
Best for an upscale Thanksgiving menu

Hosting Thanksgiving can be incredibly stressful. That's why grabbing an easy Thanksgiving meal kit and having it delivered can make the day a whole lot better for you and your family. Not only do they save time and energy, but you'll also often save some money too, compared to buying all of the ingredients outright from your local supermarket. As we near the holiday, delivery dates are fast approaching, so now's the time to order Thanksgiving fare online, along with whole turkeys and even turduckens. You don't want to wait until the last minute, as many Thanksgiving meal delivery options sell out fast or have a substantial delivery or thawing time, and you want to make sure your Thanksgiving dinner arrives before the big day.

There are loads of meal delivery companies in 2022 and most are offering up special turkey day boxes and holiday menus. You can get meal kits for mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, gravy, carrots, pies, crumbles and more classic Thanksgiving fare. Thanksgiving meal kit or holiday meal delivery can help with all of those and make hosting a snap. And there are more options than just a turkey dinner. A meal kit for Thanksgiving means you'll get all the ingredients for your feast and get to skip the crowded store this year. Sounds good, right? Many of these Thanksgiving kits will sell out, so it's best to jump on your Thanksgiving meal kit order soon.

Note about delivery: Many of these specialty meal kit boxes and prepared meals must be ordered before a certain date. Please check with the individual vendor to ensure timely delivery before placing an order. 

Best Thanksgiving meal kits for 2022

For a Thanksgiving meal kit, this is the whole kit and kaboodle, as they say. HelloFresh has two Thanksgiving feast offerings and they're two of the most comprehensive holiday meal kits you can buy, giving you all you need to execute the entire meal from scratch in one box. 

One offering features a traditional turkey feast for eight to 10 people, while the other spotlights a juicy beef tenderloin dinner for a smaller group of four to six. In each, you'll get everything you need to dish up your main course, several sides and a dessert, all while making exactly zero trips to the store. Speaking of the store: After doing some scratch math on what this would all cost at a local Whole Foods or Kroger, we've determined this is also a very good deal. 

The turkey feast works out to $19 per person while the beef tenderloin meal kit will be $25 per person. This order must be placed by Thursday, Nov. 17 to ensure it reaches you in time.

The original meal kit delivery company is getting in on the Thanksgiving fun this year too. The Blue Apron Thanksgiving meal kit feast is available for preorder up until Wednesday, Nov. 16 and boxes will arrive the week of Nov. 21. In the meantime, you can sign up and try Blue Apron below.

    • Main course: Savory butter roasted turkey breast
    • Sides: Roasted Brussels with fried rosemary and pumpkin seeds, brown butter mashed potatoes, fresh cranberry sauce with ginger
    • Dessert: Apple pie with warming spices and almonds
    • Price: $140

If you really want to get your Thanksgiving gathering some social media attention, go for the turducken. That's a chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey. Many of them have stuffing too, so we're talking a lot of food all ready to roast. Goldbelly has large turduckens to feed as many as 10 people starting at $170.

Dinnerly is one of the most affordable meal kits with dinner starting at $5 per person. The cheap meal delivery service is offering an a la carte menu of an appetizer, three sides and three easy dessert recipes, including stuffed delicata squash with arugula salad and a spice apple oat crisp. Dinnerly subscribers can pick a minimum of three and up to six recipes for Thanksgiving delivery.

You'll have to sign up for Dinnerly first and the order cut-off is Wednesday, Nov. 16.

Not into the kitchen scene? No problem. Whole Foods Market has lots of options for holiday meal kits that are ready to eat -- no cooking. You can have them delivered or pick them up in-store. The selections will vary based on your location and the brick-and-mortar stores that are near you but expect things like an entire Thanksgiving feast for 12 including turkey ($300), a rib roast meal for eight ($230), and plenty of appetizer and dessert options too.

This online food marketplace is the middleman between you and some of the best pies and desserts from around the country. It has everything from the all-important apple pie to viral sensations such as Zac Young's decadent PieCaken monster. Yes, that's an apple cake, pumpkin pie and pecan pie all in one.

Thanksgiving pies from Goldbelly:

For a ready-made Thanksgiving meal, Freshly is offering single-serve Thanksgiving dinners with no cooking required. The Freshly Carved Thanksgiving Dinner includes lean and tender carved turkey atop a bed of creamy, mashed potatoes, a generous ladle of garlicky gravy boosted with thyme, sage and almond-flax butter, along with a twist on green bean casserole sautéed with a small dab of butter, mushrooms, salty flecks of turkey bacon and toasted pecans. 

The no-hassle turkey meals will are available now and will be delivered before Thanksgiving.

You have to be a Home Chef subscriber to snare these meal kits, but you can sign up easily and then pause or cancel anytime. This year the popular meal kit company is hittin' with a la carte Thanksgiving recipes, including sous vide turkey and lots of great sides that are meant to feed roughly six people. The turkey and sides, like green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and pecan-sage stuffing, require a little assembly and preparation, but not much. 

Forget the tofurky, people. There are plenty of delicious Thanksgiving foods that never had parents and Purple Carrot -- one of our favorite healthy meal kit delivery services -- is offering a Thanksgiving Box back by popular demand. The fully stocked meal kit costs $75 and is good for four "generous" servings, according to the website.

This box generally sells out, so grab one while it's in stock. Be sure to order no later than Tuesday, Nov 15.

The menu this year includes:

  • Cashew cheese stuffed sweet potatoes with pecan parsley salsa
  • Rustic ciabatta stuffing with root vegetables and herb sausage
  • Roasted Brussels sprouts with oyster mushrooms and garlic kimchi butter
  • Pear cranberry crisp with walnut crumble 
  • Classic gravy and cranberry sauce

If you want to host like Martha you gotta think like Martha and the queen of the kitchen has developed a meal kit via her meal kit subscription service Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon. This is more of an a la carte approach with brunch, appetizers and four Thanksgiving sides. Think parmesan-thyme biscuits, glazed vegetables and stuffing with sausage and leeks. There are also easy dessert recipes, including a pecan pie with maple, caramel and homemade pastry

You must be a subscriber to take advantage of Martha's Thanksgiving meal kits, but you can pause or cancel at any point with no penalty. The order cut-off for the Thanksgiving meal kits is Nov. 16. Read our full review of Martha Stewart & Marley Spoon meal kits here

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