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10 minutes until mealtime with the Hamilton Beach Quick Assembly Grill

The Hamilton Beach 84341 Quick Assembly Grill takes the fuss out of having a backyard cookout. The outdoor grill sets up quickly leaving more time for cooking enjoyment.

The Hamilton Beach 84341 Quick Assembly Grill can be ready for cooking in about ten minutes.
The Hamilton Beach 84341 Quick Assembly Grill can be ready for cooking in about 10 minutes. Hamilton Beach

Often is the case where there is a direct proportionality to the amount of effort put into a task to the enjoyment of the results. Other times, not so much. Many of us at one time or another have spent hours researching, shopping, preparing and finally eating some elaborate meal only to have it turn out terrible. From professional chefs to those that hate to cook (perhaps swayed by such an experience) there are times when the results just aren't worth the effort. But sometimes, it's no effort at all.

The Hamilton Beach 84341 Quick Assembly Outdoor Grill with Side Burner ($499) shows the fastest way between two points is a fold; specifically, a folding grill. Designed to be assembled in fewer than 10 minutes, the outdoor grill needs only a Phillips-head screwdriver to complete the setup. Partially assembled when it ships, just lift to unfold the grill into an upright position right out of the box. From that point it's just a matter of attaching the side shelves and placing the grill grates.

Ten minutes is not a long time to wait for grilling action to start. And considering the amount of time it takes to grill up a burger or hot dog, delicious backyard food can be only moments away. Of course, the speedy set-up time leaves more time to invest in the food preparation aspect of outdoor grilling, but don't tell that to our non-cooking friends.