SmartThings Labs brings Belkin, Sonos, Philips, more into the fold

The SmartThings ecosystem is getting increasingly diverse, with direct integration of new third party devices.

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Last year, we came away impressed with SmartThings and the wide variety of ways you can put the home automation system to work. That level of multi-functionality will only continue to grow in 2014, as the young start-up is set to announce "SmartThings Labs," a new component of their app that will allow users to easily integrate popular third party devices into their setups.

Tech-savvy users have already had a field day hacking SmartThings, an open platform, in order to incorporate specific devices and accomplish specific functions. SmartThings Labs plans on taking advantage of the most useful hacks, then making them accessible for all users. Big names like Belkin, Sonos, and Philips are the first to get integrated into the SmartThings ecosystem by way of SmartThings Labs, with products like Jawbone and the August smart lock set to join them in the coming months.


The move is especially interesting in light of the long awaited "smart home singularity." We've already seen products like the Revolv Hub and Staples Connect try and unite the Internet of Things behind a single control system -- but could it actually be SmartThings that ends up in that role? With its open platform and its growing compatibility with products like the new WeMo LED Starter Set and services like IFTTT, don't rule it out.