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Sleep smart: Japanese mattress adjusts air pressure for better rest

Hiroshima-based Molten Corp is hoping to assist the elderly and the injured with its new Leios mattress, which helps reduce bedsores and promotes better blood circulation during sleep.

Molten Corp

There are plenty of apps that aim to give you a better night's sleep, but Japanese manufacturer Molten Corp has gone one step further and made a smart mattress.

The Hiroshima-based company's Leios air mattress has smart technology that knows when you're not in the best resting position. Marketed mainly towards the elderly and the injured, the Leios' "body pressure control" function adjusts the pressure of the air cells within to shift parts of an occupant's body that may not be in an optimal position. This shift prevents strain and reduces bedsores while also promoting better blood circulation throughout, all of which bring relief to those rehabilitating from injuries and the country's ageing population.

The result of collaborative research between Molten Corp and the University of Tokyo, the Leios comes equipped with a combination monitor and controller. The display offers real-time analysis of the body resting on the mattress, highlighting areas most in-need of relief, while the controller can be used to adjust the position of the occupant's body parts accordingly.

The monitor also displays recorded physical movements of the sleeper and, like many sleeping apps for smartphones, logs his or her sleeping patterns.

The smart mattress comes with other comfort features, such as cooling and heating as well as position adjustment in conjunction with an electric bed. The body position control can be turned off, rendering the surface flat for moments such as emergency CPR.

A setback may be the size of the Leios, as at 80cm wide, 193cm long and 17cm high (31 by 76 by 7 inches), it looks to be on the narrow side. The product is expected to be sold at ¥800,000, which translates to roughly US$6,795, AU$9,800 and £4,700.