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Shark recalls four vacuums due to risk of electric shock

The Euro-Pro vacuum manufacturer has released a voluntary recall for four models of Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away vacuum cleaners.


Euro-Pro, the small appliance manufacturer that owns Shark, has issued a voluntary recall for four models of the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away vacuum cleaners.

We quite liked the similar Rotator Pro Lift-Away when we reviewed it in 2013, but the maroon and purple versions of the more recent Shark have a potential defect in their wand. Specifically, models NV650W, NV651, NV652 and NV660 could have a part break that might cause electric shock with continued use.

That's a lot of ifs, but electrical shock certainly isn't something to play with, so Shark advises you to immediately stop using the models above and contact the support team in place for this recall to get a replacement wand. The recall site states that there have been no reports of injuries or property damage.

Shark looks to be on top of preventing any issues, and has made all steps in getting a replacement free for customers, as appropriate. Shark's cleaning prowess has made it a popular competitor to the more pricey, high-powered models from Dyson. It's disappointing to see Shark swim backward, but it looks like Euro-Pro is handling the issue responsibly. Hopefully, it'll soon be safe to go back in the water.

Head here to start the replacement process if you own one of the four affected models of the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away vacuum cleaner.