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Save 50% on a Ryobi cordless rotary tool today

The only thing better than a good rotary tool is one you don't have to plug in.

Ryobi Cordless Rotary Tool

Wireless power tools can be world-changing, and Ryobi has gotten very good at taking so many different kinds of tools and making them work with its lithium-ion battery packs. Everything from hot glue guns to weed eaters run on these batteries now, and that makes it super easy to look for anything with the iconic Ryobi green before considering an alternative. The only downside is sometimes newer tools can be pretty expensive, so when discounts appear it's a good idea to take advantage of them. For example, this rotary tool can be yours for only $20 today, which is pretty great.

As rotary tools go, this one is pretty simple. You get six bits with the kit, as well as tools to replace the bits and some extras for the sandpaper bits when they wear thin. All you need to do is pop a Ryobi battery in the base and it's good to go. This kit does not come with a battery -- you'll need to supply one yourself or buy it separately -- but if you already own Ryobi tools it's hard to imagine a better deal than this.

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