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Save 45% on this Monoprice sous vide cooker today

Learn how to cook sous vide without breaking the bank.

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monoprice sous vide

It looks complicated, but learning to cook sous vide is one of those things you'll kick yourself for not doing sooner once you've tried it. It's surprisingly easy to use, there are tons of recipes out there to help you learn new things to cook, and it's one of the few cooking techniques that are safe to leave unattended for hours at a time. The only thing that really holds most people back is the price of a new sous vide system, and today Monoprice is offering one for $55 today. 

The Monoprice Sous Vide cooker is 1100 watts, which puts it on the same level as some of the other starter systems you will find out there. All you do is submerge the system in water alongside your food, set the temperature you want the water to be, and leave it for the total amount of time. The whole experience is fascinating, but the flavor alone will have you looking for new excuses to use this cooker every week.