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Save $25 on Misen's 8-inch chef's knife and 5-ply steel skillet

These are two of the most important tools in your cooking arsenal, and they're down 33% today.

The two tools a home cook will generally use most are a chef's knife and stainless steel frying pan. Take a look at yours. Do you like what you see? If either one is just meh, consider upgrading to Misen's super sharp 8-inch chef's knife or sturdy 10-inch stainless steel frying pan. Both are on sale for $50 at Amazon right now and would make great gifts for a budding chef.


The Misen chef's knife is a bit of a hybrid between a Western- and Japanese-style blade. It's not quite as heavy as the (Western) chef's knives we're used to, and it will give added dexterity on those precise cuts. It's fashioned from high-carbon steel and has a comfortable handle (that I've personally had my hands on).

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If you don't have one quality stainless steel skillet, this would be a good chance to grab one. You can pay into the hundreds for a fancy brand, but Misen's pans have a lot of the same features. Most importantly, there are five layers of metal -- three aluminum in the center sandwiched by 18/10 stainless steel -- for even heat distribution.

Grab the 10-inch (most versatile size) for $50, the 8-inch for $42 or the 12-inch for $58.