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Samsung's washer with built-in sink is here at last

The future of clothes-washing is officially here, but it'll cost you.

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Samsung unveiled its suite of top-load Activewash washing machines at CES 2015. After a four-month wait, you can finally snag a 5.2- or a 4.8-cubic-foot model in either platinum or white at retail stores like Best Buy.

Unlike standard clothes-washers, these quirky little units come with built-in sinks so you can soak away stubborn stains without having to make a run for the kitchen or the bathroom. Now, that may seem like the height of laziness, but Samsung says it's just trying to lighten your laundry load.

Ry Crist/CNET

Here's how it's supposed to work: the sink has a slightly textured surface designed to agitate grit and grime just like an old fashioned washing board and the machine can dispense a stream of water so you can hand-wash fragile items.

Prices range from $899 for the 4.8-cubic-foot washer with a white finish (model number WA48J7770AW) on up to $1,199 for the 5.2-cubic-foot model with a more premium-looking silvery platinum finish (WA52J8700AP).

We obviously want to try one of these things out for ourselves, so check back soon for a full review.