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Samsung's 'Club des Chefs' gets an app at CES 2015

Samsung works with Michelin-starred chefs to help guide future appliance decisions; now these culinary professionals are getting their own app.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- Samsung's 'Club des Chefs' is a roster of seven culinary professionals from around the world who weigh in on appliance concepts to help fuel the next generation of home-appliance innovation. The Chef Collection line in particular, which was unveiled at last year's CES, takes a lot of inspiration from these Michelin-starred masters.

Now, the Club des Chefs is back with a fresh announcement: it's getting its own app.

Due this spring, the Chef Collection app will feature recipes from brands such as the Culinary Institute of America, Bon Appétit, BigOven, Chefs Feed and Saveur, with pointers from Samsung's very own Club des Chefs team.

In addition to cooking advice, the app is also supposed to include hands-on appliance demos from the chefs themselves. This way you can watch the professionals in action working magic with the very same ovens, ranges and fridges that you might have at home (which has the potential to be either illuminating or discouraging, depending on your existing level of kitchen savvy).

We'll circle back on this after the app officially launches. In the meantime, find out what else is happening at CES 2015.