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Samsung releases an utterly mesmerizing washing machine ad

Commentary: The commercial lasts more than three minutes. It's for an everyday household device. And very little happens.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


And what an interlude.

Samsung/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I don't care about washing machines. 

I don't even know what brand mine happens to be.

But I've just been hypnotized into caring about the Samsung QuickDrive

I have, you see, just spent more than three minutes watching it go round and round and found it utterly, madly soothing.

Samsung's UK arm is responsible for my uplifted heart. It's released an ad that shows the machine in action. 

Should you have ever watched this -- and which college student hasn't? -- nothing really happens. 

Here, though, Samsung intersperses the spinning with captions. One offers a fascinating fact. 

Did you know that British adults spend 88,904 minutes of their lives watching the washing machine go around? 

No, I didn't either, but Samsung has research to prove it. 

And the whole point of this ad -- if there is one -- is to tell you that you really shouldn't spend so much time watching your washing, so here's a faster washing machine.

Samsung says this machine washes your clothes in half the time, you see.

The ad forces you to witness a demonstration of the QuickDrive's little door, which allows you to throw in a stray sock that might have been inadvertently dropped on the floor.

By then, though, you're already enveloped in a pleasing interlude of saintly nothingness.

Which leaves me with one disturbed thought. 

This ad is telling me not to spend so much time watching my washing go around. But it's made the experience so pleasurable, I think I'll try it tonight.  

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