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Ronco Ready Grill takes fat fight to new level

The Ronco Ready Grill cooks food vertically. Capable of cooking a variety of foods, the countertop appliance collects the drippings in a waiting tray below.

The Ronco Ready Grill looks like a toaster, yet cooks so much more.
The Ronco Ready Grill looks like a toaster, yet cooks so much more.

You know Ron Popeil. Even if you think you don't know who he is, you still know him or at least his legacy. Late-night commercials helped propel Ronco, the company he founded in 1964, to prominence and eventually to kitchen counters everywhere. Now, Ron Popeil is retired, but the gadgetry lives on. Enter the Ronco Ready Grill.

Looking something like a traditional toaster, the Ronco Ready Grill ($99.99) grills food in a vertical orientation. Food is placed in a grill basket and then inserted into the machine. As it cooks, fat and juices drip away and collect in a waiting tray below for easy disposal.

Different foods can even be staggered in the same grill basket, which can add a new dimension to meal planning as gravity takes over.

It is a way of removing fat, but of course, where all those delicious drippings actually end up is up to you. Mashed potatoes? Bread? Don't worry, we won't tell Mr. Popeil if you don't.