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Roccbox portable pizza oven keeps the pizza conversation going

The Roccbox is a wood- or gas-fired portable pizza oven. Available for preorder in the UK, the pizza oven promises versatile cooking anywhere.

Landing soon: the Roccbox portable pizza oven.
Landing soon: the Roccbox portable pizza oven.Roccbox

If one were to design the perfect bite of pizza what would it be? Clearly, there are subjective considerations when it comes to toppings (not to mention the type of pizza itself). But there is more to it than just deciding between meat and veggie toppings or deep dish and thin crust.

Some may argue that the best bite is the first; the point of the slice before the fold. Others may savor the last, working their way to the end and saving the perfect proportion of toppings, sauce and crust until the very last bite. But there is one more consideration that goes into building the perfect pizza.

There is endless debate about pizza, and that includes how it is cooked. The Roccbox looks to quell at least that part of the perpetual pizza fight by offering eaters the choice between wood- and gas-fired pies.

The new dual-fuel portable pizza oven features a distinctive design (that's silicone it's wrapped up in) and combines the high heat and stone-lined floor so important to pizza baking. The pizza oven comes with two different burners, offering pizza people the choice between propane and wood. Weighing in at less than 50 pounds, the oven is available for UK preorder (£349; no cash needed now) and is part of Virgin's Pitch to Rich 2015 contest.

Will it come to America? They do plan for it to have worldwide availability. But the real question is does this mean we here in the US can start putting baked beans on pizza without getting funny looks?

Via Cool Material