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Revolv wants to help you pick the perfect products for your smart home

Wondering what connected devices to pair with your Revolv hub? Revolv's new Smart Home Bundles take the pressure off.

Revolv is a $299 hub designed to centralize control of your connected home devices. Now, Revolv wants to make things even easier for you with its recently announced Smart Home Bundles. Through a partnership with Amazon, it will now offer four packages with different Revolv hub-compatible gizmos. The bundles are equipped to suit DIYers with diverse smart home interests.

Revolv's $414 Smart Home Starter Bundle Revolv

Revolv's $414 Smart Home Starter Bundle offers a starting point for aspiring connected device DIYers. In addition to the $299 hub, you also get three Insteon products: a plug-in appliance on/off module, an 8-watt LED bulb , and a wireless motion sensor. This introductory package focuses on lighting, energy savings, and basic security.

Revolv's $748 Smart Renter Bundle Revolv

The $748 Smart Renter Bundle lets you outfit your home without having to worry about installations and a potentially disgruntled landlord. This package comes with the Insteon plug-in appliance on/off module, the Philips Hue Connected Bulb starter pack , and the Sonos Play:1 . The Smart Renter Bundle zeroes in on convenience, entertainment, and energy savings.

Revolv's $773 Security & Comfort Bundle Revolv

Revolv's new Security and Comfort Bundle costs $773. As the name suggests, this bundle emphasizes smart home security and convenience. It includes the Yale Real Living Touch Screen Z-Wave deadbolt , the Honeywell Z-Wave thermostat, the Leviton plug-in lamp dimmer modules, and the Insteon wireless motion sensor.

Revolv's $1,231 Premium Home Bundle Revolv

From lighting to thermostats, Revolv's $1,231 Premium Home Bundle offers a little bit of everything. This package includes the Yale Real Living Touch Screen Z-Wave deadbolt, the Nest Learning Thermostat , the Philips Hue Starter Pack, the Sonos Play:1, and the Belkin WeMo Insight Switch . This one's for those of you ready to embrace every facet of the connected home.

None of the bundles are exactly inexpensive, though. So, if you aren't sold on Revolv or its prepackaged bundles, you can find similar products a la carte for less. For example, you could pair the $99 SmartThings hub with the brand's own $55 SmartSense motion detector and $55 SmartPower outlet along with a $32.99 Connected by TCP 10-watt Smart LED bulb and end up with something similar to Revolv's $414 Smart Home Starter Bundle for just $242.

Still, these new bundles do seem to add a level of convenience to a fairly intimidating product category. Revolv's Smart Home Bundles are currently available for purchase. Visit Revolv for more details.