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Plan ahead with the Rosewill 26.5 lb. Portable Ice Maker

The Rosewill RHIM-15002 Portable Ice Maker offers a convenient way to keep the party going. The appliance can produce about 26 pounds of ice per day.

The Rosewill RHIM-15002 Portable Ice Maker picks up where the ice tray leaves off.
The Rosewill RHIM-15002 Portable Ice Maker picks up where the ice tray leaves off. Rosewill

Planning ahead only goes so far. For every extra utensil, bottle/jar/can opener and extra pack of napkins that one thinks of, there always seems to be something that was overlooked. This can be for anything from a backyard cookout to just everyday life. Oftentimes, it's the simple things that get easily overlooked. Regardless of the occasion, one thing always seems to be true: one can never have too much ice -- at least the kind that goes in drinks.

Ice, of course, has many uses, but when you're looking to cool down a drink only one thing matters and often the ice tray is just too slow to keep up. The Rosewill RHIM-15002 Portable Ice Maker ($149.99) wants to pick up where the freezer leaves off.

Capable of producing 26.5 pounds of ice per day, the diminutive ice maker also features (practically) instant gratification; the first batch can be ready in as few as six minutes. Measuring about 14 inches tall with a footprint of about 9.5 inches by 13 inches, the ice machine also lets users choose between two different ice sizes.

With an uncluttered user interface, the easy-to-use ice maker offers a convenient solution that can be used anywhere there is an outlet nearby. And no worries about over planning; if the ice doesn't get used, the water recycles back through the system ready for the next batch.