Philips Hue and Razer will light up your next Overwatch match

A partnership between Philips Hue and Razer will soon let PC gamers sync color-changing lights with popular games like Overwatch and DOTA2.

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Last summer, Philips teased new "Hue Entertainment" partnerships meant to help sync its popular, color-changing smart bulbs with movies, TV shows, and video games. We've been waiting patiently to hear more ever since, and today, at CES 2018, Philips has some fresh details.


You'll need a Razer Chroma-enabled device and a second-gen Philips Hue Bridge in order to sync your lights up with games like Overwatch.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Those details come in the form of a new partnership with the gaming lifestyle brand Razer. It's the first official Hue Entertainment partnership the company has publicly confirmed, and PC gamers who enable it will be able to sync color-changing lighting effects with popular games like Overwatch, DOTA2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

The partnership links Hue's lights with Razer Chroma-enabled devices, including laptops, keyboards, and gaming mice. To enable it, users will need a second-gen Philips Hue Bridge (the square-shaped one), along with free Razer Synapse software that will be available to anyone using a Razer Chroma-enabled device beginning on January 9.

Other partnerships are in the works, too, potentially including ones that would bring console gamers into the mix. Philips tells us that those partnerships will continue rolling out throughout the year.

We're itching to try take Hue Entertainment for a spin, and we'll tell you what it's like as soon as that happens. For now, here's the full list of supported games:

  • Atlas Reactor
  • Overwatch
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • DOTA2
  • Orcs Must Die!
  • Unchained
  • Obduction
  • Redout
  • Battlerite
  • Aven Colony
  • Dungeon Souls
  • Rise of Insanity
  • Quake Champions
  • Duelyst
  • JCB Pioneer: Mars
  • Ruiner
  • Let Them Come
  • Battle Chasers: Night War
  • Starpoint Gemini: Warlords
  • Pigeon Fight
  • Project Nimbus
  • Killing Floor 2
  • Book of Demons
  • Archaica: The Path of Light
  • Freaky Awesome
  • Holy Potatoes! What the Hell?!
  • Yet Another Zombie Defence HD
  • Semispheres
  • Bad Ass Hero
  • Hover
  • I, Zombie
  • Megaton Rainfall
  • Factorio
  • Double Kick Heroes
  • Clicker Heroes
  • Endless Space 2
  • Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms
  • Code 7
  • Cat Quest

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