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Peq brings the car into their smart-home system at CES

By partnering with Zubie, the Peq app will be able to monitor and make rules for your car.

The Peq Watchdog system. Tyler Lizenby/CNET

At CES 2015, Peq is pushing the boundaries of its smart home ecosystem beyond the physical walls of the house. Previously, the Peq system included sensors for doors, windows, motion and water, as well as cameras and smart thermostats, all allowing you to keep careful tabs on the events happening around your home. Now, they've announced a partnership with Zubie , a device that plugs into and monitors your car.

With Peq's app, you'll be able to connect to your car with Zubie starting next month. Zubie's wireless connectivity and GPS help you monitor your driving habits, track the location of your or your kids' vehicle, and spot issues with your battery and engine as they arise.

Zubie plugs right into your dash. Josh Miller/CNET

In addition to being able to monitor this from Peq's app, you'll also be able to create rules based on information from Zubie. For instance, when your car gets in range, you can have the Peq thermostat adjust to "home" mode while having lamps plugged into a Peq switch turn on to greet you. Peq expects this rules integration to be ready a little later than basic monitoring, but hopes to be up and running with it by spring.

In the meantime, you have other options for connecting your car to your existing smart-home system. Automatic functions similarly to Zubie, and we liked it better for its help with fuel efficiency. It also has an IFTTT channel, meaning you can create rules with any of the other devices that connect to IFTTT, including Nest , SmartThings , and the Belkin WeMo products.

The Peq system wants to be your one-stop shop for the smart home. We liked the system when we reviewed it, but with monthly fees and limited cross-compatibility, we thought it a bit behind the options offered elsewhere. The Dropcam Pro and Belkin NetCam HD+ give a more well-rounded camera experience, and SmartThings masters the whole home approach and has an IFTTT channel for endless possibilities of interoperability with no fees.

Peq's making improvements, but they still have some catching up to do. Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Partnering with Zubie marks a positive step into making Peq comprehensive and collaborative. Peq's Watchdog system is a compelling smart-home underdog, but its top competitors like SmartThings offer open collaboration and a fee-free approach. Peq might need to start adding more than one partner at a time to their closed system if they're going to keep up.