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Panasonic's new hand lacquered fans are gorgeous (and expensive)

The Japanese electronics giant will sell just 100 of the modified Q fans, which have each been hand lacquered.


If you're a fan of extra expensive versions of household items, you may be tickled by a new bladeless fan from Panasonic.

A luxury edition of the air-multiplying Q fan the company released in Japan last year, they'll cost ¥100,000 each, which converts to roughly $920, £640 and AU$1,250. Only 100 of them will be sold.

In order to satisfy the need to make something that oozes luxury, these Q fans have been hand-lacquered using 1,500-year-old traditional methods of Echizen lacquering, which originates from the Fukui Prefecture, around 6 hours from Tokyo. Each of the external components of the fan has been painstakingly and meticulously crafted to provide a level of quality reserved for priceless antiques.

While the extravagance is obvious, the modified Q fans are entirely functional. They offer full 360-degree rotation, with 5 stages of power, an air-flow increase of seven times the amount of air sucked in and low-level body heat emission.

The standard, non-lacquered unit fetches ¥40,000, less than half the price.

For the cost of the luxury edition, you could buy the cheapest battery operated hand fan off of Amazon 131 times. But those 131 fans likely wouldn't be quite as much of a conversation starter.