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Order a round of smoking cold drinks with JetChill

The JetChill system hooks up to a CO2 tank to create dry ice that collects in special drinkware. Designed for the service industry, the device adds flair to cocktails as the dry ice sublimates.

With JetChill, where there is smoke, there is booze. JetChill

Finding the perfect balance for a craft cocktail is a delicate operation. A whole host of questions need to be answered before the first drop of spirits touch upon the tongue. In addition to the choice of booze, other ingredients must be carefully considered and selected. Modern mixologists have a huge stable of alcohol, mixers and garnishes to draw upon, but any cocktail has at least one other consideration that bartenders must address: the serving temperature. Oh, and how much smoke effect it should have.

The JetChill system consists of a dry ice making chamber that is used with specially designed drinking glasses. The chamber hooks up to a CO2 tank and creates dry ice "snow" at the push of a button.

The dry ice collects in a compartment in the base of the glasses, so when liquid is added, not only is the drink chilled, but it will have that famous dry ice smoke effect as well.

Designed for bars, restaurants and night clubs, the company currently only lists prices in the UK, with a JetChill machine and 100 glasses going for £1,950 -- around $3,000 or AU$3,700.

The fun twist on cocktail serving lets anyone pretend they're starring in their very own low-budget horror movie (or stage production, or haunted house). Certainly, walking around a bar with a smoking cold drink will garner some attention. While toasting with a special effects drink offers a novel way to imbibe, try not to let the distraction affect your own perfect balance.