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The powerful NutriBullet Rx blender is $80 off right now (Update: Deal expired)

Plus, a coffee maker and rice cooker both for less than $15 right now.

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If you're toying with the idea of becoming a "smoothie person" or upgrading your current blender, I recommend it. There are endless combos for a quick and healthy breakfast, lunch or snack packed with protein, antioxidants and other things our mothers told us to eat. (I'm peanut butter, banana and blueberry for life -- if you were wondering.) The key to getting yourself on a healthy smoothie kick is having a reliable blender, and you'll find just that with the NutriBullet RX personal blender, which is currently on sale at Best Buy for $70 (normally $150). 

The NutriBullet Rx is an easy push-top blender with a mighty 1,700-watt motor. It's small enough to fit almost anywhere, including a desk drawer, but strong enough to crush ice and liquefy just about anything you throw inside. A heating function allows you to make fast, healthy soups in the blending cup. This model comes with three blending cups (all with lids), including an oversized blending cup, short cup, soup pitcher -- as well as a cleaning brush.

Best Buy will ship the NutriBullet Rx blender for free or allow you to pick it up using Best Buy's no-contact, in-store pickup, pending local inventory. Amazon has price-matched the Rx if you'd prefer to buy it there.

But wait! There are more deals. If you're looking for an inexpensive coffee maker, Best Buy has a Bella Pro Series 5-cup machine down to $10 (doesn't get much more inexpensive than that). Bella's 16-cup rice maker is also available for less than $15 today. It's a basic model but for fluffy rice without the pot-watching and guesswork, it gets the job done -- according to over 200 mostly positive reviews.