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Now DoorDash Can Pick Up Packages at Your Door and Get Them in the Mail

So long as you've prepaid your package, DoorDash can get it to a shipping center.

doordash app on phone
Gabby Jones/Getty Images

DoorDash's next perk is getting packages you need shipped from your front door to the right shipping service.

To use Package Pickup, as it's called, just box up your package and prepay for the shipping cost, and a DoorDash contractor will arrive at your door, pick it up and deliver it to a store for FedEx, UPS, USPS or whatever shipping service you use. It can also be used for package returns, which could come in handy just after the holiday.

You can ship up to five packages per pickup for a flat fee of $5 (or $3 for DashPass members), though as a promotion, customers will get their first pickup for free in January. Just attach prepaid shipping labels, or if you don't have a printer, send a shipping QR code to the contractor picking up your delivery. 

Package Pickup reaches 95% of Americans, according to an official blog post

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