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No salt, no problem! Japanese Electro Fork zaps flavour into your mouth

Tokyo University has developed a utensil that uses electric current to trick your mouth into making foods taste saltier.

Tokyo University

Salt can be dangerous, with too much of it causing blood pressure spikes. But what are we meant to do, just give it up?! Japan has a better solution.

The Electro Fork, developed at Tokyo University as part of the No Salt Restaurant project, harmlessly zaps salted flavour into unsalted foods, essentially using electricity as seasoning.

As well as stimulating the tongue to taste saltiness, the electronic signals can also be used to enhance sourness and food texture. Sweetness, however, has proven difficult to reproduce, sad news for dessert lovers everywhere.

Large salt intake can lead to high blood pressure, which in turn can cause heart problems and strokes. The No Salt Restaurant was born out of wanting to give those with high blood pressure the chance to once again taste salty foods without adverse effects on their health.

The project was recently put through a successful trial run at the restaurant in Tokyo on March 24. The venue offered a saltless five course meal, consisting of a salad, pork cutlets, fried rice, meatloaf and cake.

Starting April 10, the No Salt Restaurant will open its doors to further trial participation, this time on a first come, first served basis.

No retail availability has been announced as of yet.