Moen's kitchen faucet adjusts the water temperature with a wave of the hand at CES 2022

Wave your hand to switch the water temperature.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor

Moen gives you multiple ways to control your faucet with the Smart Faucet with Motion Control. 


At CES 2022, Moen is upgrading its touchless kitchen faucet with a new iteration, the Smart Faucet with Motion Control. Not only is this new faucet supposed to turn the water on and off hands-free, this version claims hands-free temperature control as well. Use the Moen app to set your temperature preferences and wave your hand to adjust the water from hot to warm and cold temperatures. 

Moen's Smart Faucet with Motion Control starts at $675 and will be available in a handled designs in April and handle-free options "later this year." The handled designs give you four ways to adjust your faucet -- using the handle, with gestures, via the Moen app or with voice commands. The handle-free faucets are entirely controllable with gestures, the app or voice commands. 

Given that some of the touchless faucets we've tested in the past have been unreliable, not having a handle as a backup seems like a major risk. But Moen is making bold claims about its tech in the official press release: "The technology is so advanced, Moen has designed a version of the faucet without a handle."

I'm skeptical, but curious to see how or if these handle-free models in particular work in practice. The $675 cost is also a lot to pay for a kitchen faucet, but if it does work well, it might just be the next generation of hands-free faucets. 

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