Meet the most colorful KitchenAid ovens yet

These commercial-style models for your home are smart, too.

Molly Price Former Editor
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This is Passion Red, a KitchenAid color now available on its commercial-style ovens.


KitchenAid is famous for its colorful take on classic kitchen appliances like stand mixers and blenders. Earlier this year, the company released its Color of the Year, a nod to Japanese culinary culture called "Kyoto Glow." Last year, KitchenAid celebrated its centennial birthday with a Passion Red Queen of Hearts line of special-edition appliances. 

On Thursday, the company announced a new line of "color-forward" commercial-style ranges for the home. The new Commercial-Style Dual Fuel Range and Commercial-Style Gas Range are the brightest, boldest ovens in the company's 101-year history, it says. 

There are nine colors to choose from, ranging from muted blue tones to bright hues and light pastels. Specifically, you can choose from Avocado Cream, Imperial Black, Ink Blue, Milkshake, Misty Blue, Passion Red, Scorched Orange, Yellow Pepper and Stainless Steel.

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This is Yellow Pepper, a bright new addition to the oven line.


If Scorched Orange isn't enough punch for your design tastes, you can also customize pieces with a separately sold KitchenAid Handle Medallion Kit. All this color will cost you, however, as these models start at $4,000 and reach nearly $10,000 for larger, double oven models. 

The bold looks of this line are striking, but there are plenty of good things going on inside, too. For starters, this oven is smart. It connects to Wi-Fi, so you can use the KitchenAid app to preheat, proof, bake or roast. You can save custom cooking instructions for favorite recipes and control the ranges with voice commands with your Google Assistant- or Alexa-enabled device.


Ink blue is a darker hue in the KitchenAid lineup.


It also sports some serious cooking power, with 20,000 BTU dual-flame burners for high-heat jobs and a 5,000 BTU burner for simmering and melting. The chrome-infused electric griddle is designed to hold a precise temperature evenly across the surface. Three levels of convertible grates come with removable inserts so you can adjust how close to the flame you cook.

Both the Commercial-Style Dual Fuel Range and Commercial-Style Gas Range are available in 30-, 36- and 48-inch sizes and four- or six-burner layouts. If you'd like to request a color sample, you can do that on the KitchenAid website

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