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Look what we're building: Appliance reviews like you've never seen them

We have a whole new review section coming your way soon. Here's a look at what's cooking.

Colin McDonald

You wouldn't believe how busy we've been.

The pictures below, most taken by the shockingly talented Colin McDonald, showcase part of what we've been doing. You'll see the rest early this fall when we unveil our new appliance review section.

What you're looking at is the in-progress interior of our new appliance testing facility, where we're creating the next generation of reviews for an industry that's building tech into every corner of the home. The outside of this warehouse in Louisville, Ky., looks modest. But inside, we'll be launching a new and colorful chapter for CNET Reviews.

You can read a bit more about our plans in the press release we put out today. We'll be writing about smart appliances, appliances of the traditional kind, and also smart home devices. You can look forward to reviews of products ranging from Web-connected refrigerators, to simple (and not-so-simple) toaster ovens, to washing machines, to smart locks, and beyond. We will have a lot more to share when the new section goes live. We can't wait to show you.