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Lockly shows smart locks for sliding doors and more at CES 2021

The Lockly Guard and Duo take securing your home to the next level.

The Lockly Guard is designed for sliding and swing-style doors.

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Lockly isn't new to the smart home scene. The Lockly Vision lock, currently available, combines a fingerprint or access code smart lock with a video doorbell camera. At this year's CES, the company announced two more locks, the Duo and the Guard. 


The Lockly Duo secures the latch and deadbolt of your door in one motion, and works with the Lockly app.


Lockly Duo

The Lockly Duo combines latch and deadbolt control into one smart lock. Close the door and lift the latch handle upward, and you'll activate Lockly's dual-locking technology, simultaneously securing both the door's latch and deadbolt in one motion. The Duo includes the PIN Genie touchscreen of previous Lockly models. There is an offline access mode and 3D biometric fingerprint sensor, so you won't need an app or internet connection to unlock the door. Auto lock timing, e-keys and more features are also included in the Lockly app for iOS and Android devices. 


The Lockly Guard is available in multiple finishes.


Lockly Guard

The Lockly Guard includes the same touchscreen and tech options as the Duo, but with a focus on sliding and swing-style doors. This long, slender lock can be upgraded to include an RFID card reader for expanding access at home or at a business. To add remote control for either of these locks, you'll nee the Secure Link Wi-Fi Hub sold by Lockly for $80. The hub adds in Google Assistant and Alexa integration and remote access once it's connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Both the Duo and Guard are fully compatible with the Lockly Access Portal, a desktop system designed for property management with multiple locks in one or more locations. The Access Portal includes door access monitoring, timed updates and administrative controls for up to 1,000 locks. 

The Lockly Duo will be available in the first quarter of this year for $400 in satin nickel and matte black. The Lockly Guard will be available in the second quarter for $500 in satin nickel, matte black and metallic chrome. You can find Lockly's products at, Amazon and other major retailers. UK and Australian prices were unavailable, but $400 is about £295 or AU$520.