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LG shows off air sous vide mode in newest oven at CES 2021

Sous vide cooking is a hot trend, and LG is capitalizing on it in its new range lineup.

LG Appliances

LG came to CES 2021 with new smart appliances focused on making home life a bit more convenient. The newest LG refrigerator can open its doors via voice command, and a there's a new oven, too. The new LG InstaView Range is the company's smartest yet. It features Air Sous Vide, Air Fry mode and an InstaView panel. 

The 6.3 cu. ft. range takes the InstaView feature from LG's refrigerator line and applies it to your oven window. Two quick knocks light up the oven interior for easy viewing. The range also features LED-illuminated knobs for a futuristic look, and it can be controlled via LG's ThinQ app for preheating and monitoring remotely. 

Air Sous Vide is the most notable feature on the new range. The cooking method, typically accomplished with vacuum bags and water baths, gets the "air" treatment here. Namely, the range cooks food in vacuum-sealed bags (not included with the oven), at precise low temperatures with controlled airflow. The idea is that the sealed bags lock in flavor and aroma without the messiness of a countertop water-based appliance. LG says the oven's Air Sous Vide mode can maintain any temperature between 100 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 48 hours. 

LG Appliances

Of course, we wouldn't be talking kitchen trends without mentioning air frying, and LG added Air Fry Mode to this range as well. The Air Fry mode doesn't require any preheating and aims to replicate what consumers love about countertop air frying -- a quick, crispy cooking method with no oil. LG isn't the first manufacturer to include an Air Fry mode in a range -- Frigidaire, Samsung and GE have all tried it, too. 

On the LG InstaView Range cooktop, you'll also get a dual 22,000 BTU burner and a surface designed with LG's "EasyClean" technology. Spray the oven with water, press EasyClean and then in 10 minutes, wipe away any grime.

The new LG range can be controlled with the ThinQ app for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integration. There, you'll also find integration and recipe ideas from partners including SideChef, Innit, Drop and Tovala. Select your dish and send the instructions straight to your oven to start the appropriate mode and temperature. Scan to Cook in the app can send directions to your oven for prepackaged meals from brands like Nestlé and Kraft. 

LG didn't provide pricing or availability dates for the InstaView Range, but we'll update this post if that changes.