LG unveils two new Styler clothes steamers ahead of IFA 2018

The LG Styler ThinQ and the Styler Mirrored Glass Door will be on display at Europe's biggest tech trade show.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor

LG unveils the new Styler ThinQ and the Styler Mirrored Glass Door clothes steamers in advance of the IFA tech conference in Berlin, Germany.


LG is adding two new clothes steamers to its laundry product lineup -- the Styler ThinQ and the Styler Mirrored Glass Door.

The Styler ThinQ is supposed to respond to voice commands with the wake phrase, "Hi LG." It can turn your Styler ThinQ on and off, start a cycle and get suggestions on the best cycle. LG announced it on Tuesday ahead of the IFA 2018 trade show.

LG's Styler Mirrored Glass Door, places more emphasis on design, with mirrored glass doors. 

I reviewed an LG Styler back in 2015. Designed to "refresh" everything from wool to silk garments, this plug-in fridge-shaped appliance is supposed to go in your closet. After testing it out with a variety of clothes, I was unimpressed by the $1,999 product.

The Whirlpool Swash is another stand-up steamer product we've tested. It couldn't hold as many clothes as the Styler, but it was much more affordable at $400.

We'll be on the ground the IFA tech conference in Berlin in a couple of weeks, where we'll get to see the Styler ThinQ and the Styler Mirrored Glass Door in person. Hopefully, LG has improved on it with these next-gen models. 

In the meantime, check out all of the other stuff that's happening at IFA 2018.

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