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Let your GE dishwasher do its own shopping

Connected GE dishwashers can now order detergent through Amazon Dash.


GE's connected dishwashers have become self sufficient. Thanks to a new integration with Amazon Dash Replenishment, they'll take care of their own needs by ordering more detergent pods automatically when you're close to running out.

You use the GE Kitchen app to customize the size of the order and the low threshold that will prompt the dishwasher to call for supplies. You link that app to your Amazon account, then count your current supply of detergent pods. The dishwasher takes it from there. The appliance tracks how many times it runs a cleaning cycle so it knows when it's running short on detergent and uses Dash Replenishment to automatically order more from the online retailer. Amazon then ships them to your home.

Any connected GE dishwasher should now work with Amazon Dash, but the lineup of options is thin -- you can pick from three different styles of the same $1,500 premium model. Back at CES, Whirlpool announced a similar integration on an upcoming $950 connected dishwasher, but that model hasn't hit retail yet.

GE also offers Amazon Dash integration on its connected laundry products, and all of its smart appliances also integrate with IFTTT and Amazon's Alexa so you can check in on the status of your large appliances from afar.

I appreciate GE's efforts to integrate their appliances with helpful smart-home platforms. The Amazon Dash integration seems like a nice step toward large appliance smarts that are actually helpful, but I'll be more excited about this specific pairing once it's more accessible on reasonably priced units.