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Keep Your Pet Entertained With the $13 MateeyLife Lick Mats, $10 Off for Cyber Monday

Aid in your dog or cat's anxiety or boredom and get 45% off.


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Cyber Monday deals are in full swing following Black Friday, and Amazon is offering some savings starting on Sunday. Now through Cyber Monday, take advantage of this pet enrichment toy. Use these lick mats during baths, grooming or feeding time to calm anxious dogs or cats or to entertain while you are unable to give them your utmost attention.  

I have an anxious dog, and for the past year, I've relied on these MateeyLife lick mats. I slather anything from peanut butter to yogurt to pumpkin puree on top of a mat and give it to my black Labrador retriever. Depending on the topping, one lick mat can keep my dog busy for anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes. I've also learned that freezing a lick mat makes for longer enrichment. 

When I leave for a small amount of time, or he needs to get some energy out, my dog will get a lick mat. For anxious pets, like mine, the action of constant licking is soothing and distracts from the situation at hand. It also helps dogs that turn to destruction when they're bored. Thankfully, a peanut butter lick mat is enough to distract my dog from chewing up the couch while I'm gone.   

MateeyLife lick mats come in a pack of two. Each mat has four sections of four different textures. Each is designed to trap peanut butter or other desired spread. There are even suction cups on the back, perfect for a distraction during baths or grooming. 

The mats are made with 100 % BPA-free, non-toxic, food-grade silicone. They're super easy to clean and are dishwasher-safe. Right now, during Amazon's Cyber Monday deals, you can get these lick mats and spatula for $13. 

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