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iSmartAlarm gets ambitious at CES 2015

With new gadgets and promised compatibility with IFTTT, Thread, Z-Wave, and HomeKit, iSmartAlarm's making a big push to serve as your smart home's foundation.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- iSmartAlarm came out swinging at CES 2015, with multiple product and partnership announcements that may be paving the way for a bigger role in the smart home conversation this year.

On the partnership front, the iSmartAlarm team tells us that they're close to launching their channel on IFTTT, the free online automation service that links popular Web services and smart-home gadgets through if/then-style recipes. iSmartAlarm plans on releasing a software development kit (SDK) this year, too, which should enable even more tinkering. HomeKit support is supposedly in the works as well, and that would bring Siri-powered voice controls to the mix.

iSmartAlarm's new Smoke Alarm will work as a standalone smart smoke detector, no extra hardware necessary. Ry Crist/CNET

Product-wise, iSmartAlarm was quick to show off the new system camera, the iCamera Keep, along with new smart switches for turning lights and appliances on and off. You'll also soon be able to add iSmartAlarm Smoke Alarms to your setup -- or use them as standalone smart smoke detectors for about $50 each, no existing system or hub necessary.

In addition, there'll soon be three new iSmartAlarm devices that speak Z-Wave: an improved siren, a multi-sensor, and a water sensor. In order for your system to control them, you'll need the soon-to-be-released Z-Stick accessory, which plugs into your system's hub and teaches it how to talk Z-Wave.

New Z-Wave speaking Multi-Sensor and "Satellite Siren" accessories are coming later this year, along with a new "Z-Stick" that'll let your system's hub talk to them -- and also hundreds of other devices. Ry Crist/CNET

Once your "CubeOne" hub is speaking Z-Wave, it'll be able to communicate with all sorts of new third party sensors and devices. iSmartAlarm's team isn't promising app support for everything right off the bat, but they did tell me that they're already reaching out to several of the biggies, including smart Z-Wave deadbolts from Kwikset, Yale, and Schlage.

iSmartAlarm left me impressed when I first tested the sensor-driven security kit out in 2013 . At the time, I saw it as a good security option for a budget-conscious apartment dweller who wanted some simple peace of mind, but couldn't afford a premium setup (or just didn't want to pay that much). With everything iSmartAlarm is adding to the works here, 2015 could see the system develop into something more like a legitimate smart-home platform all its own. Time shall tell.