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Battle of the vac pack: iRobot sues Hoover and others

Watch out! Roomba is on the warpath.

iRobot has been making Roombas since 2002.

It's go time for the robot wars, as iRobot sues Hoover, Black & Decker and other vacuum manufacturers, claiming they used its intellectual property without permission.

The company announced a series of lawsuits on Monday targeting Hoover, Black & Decker, Bobsweep and Bissell Homecare, according to the Boston Globe. The Massachusetts-based manufacturer of the popular Roomba robot vacuum cleaners accused its rivals of infringing patents it owns detailing technology and designs for autonomous floor-cleaning bots.

The company has been selling robot vacuum cleaners under the Roomba brand since 2002, with Hoover and Black & Decker only unveiling their rival products in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

"The filing of this litigation signals our commitment to protecting our investments," said iRobot spokesman James Baussmann in a statement to the Globe. "iRobot will not stand by while others offer products that infringe on our intellectual property."

Hoover and Black & Decker did not respond to requests for comment.