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Save $50 on a portable induction burner and cook anything, anywhere

Because sometimes a microwave just won't cut it.

Best Buy

If you're looking to add some portable cooking capabilities to your dorm room, RV or just add a little extra real estate to your kitchen for the eventual holiday crush, or you're sick of the mediocre job your workplace microwave does (poor thing tries its best), a super safe and portable Insignia induction stovetop burner is on major sale right now. The burner is marked down $50 to just $30 at Best Buy. 

You can read into the many positive reviews, but we'll give you the short of it: This puppy gets really hot, really fast and it's perfect for heating soups, stir fry, oatmeal or hot water for tea and coffee . An induction burner like this makes for an excellent college dorm accessory too since there's no flame or electric coils to pose a significant fire hazard. Plus it's small, lightweight and has an easy-to-use LED touchscreen.