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We found a well-reviewed air fryer on sale for $30, today only

Air never tasted so good.

Best Buy

While science is still trying to figure out my medical addiction to french fries, there's a machine that makes all their hard work obsolete. That's the air fryer, which delivers healthier "fried" foods using just the tiniest bit of oil (or none at all) and hot air convection to mimic the crispy, flavorful results you get from deep- or pan-frying. 

Right now a well-rated Insignia 3.4-quart air fryer is on sale for a mere $30 (normally $80), so if you've been looking to try this hot (pun!) new method for making quick and delicious wings, fries, chips and more you can scoop one up and have it shipped (for free) by Monday, Nov 11.

The catch? There isn't one, except that it's a one-day sale as Best Buy's Deal of the Day, so you'll need to make your move soon. While you're at it check out these 15 unexpected air fryer recipes because this thing may be famous for its work with french fries and wings, but its got plenty more tricks up its sleeve. 

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Best Buy

Easy and clean the Insignia air fryer has simple analog controls to nail your recipes and is fully dishwasher safe with no messy oil reservoir to deal with like a traditional fryer.