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I propose a toastie: The Breville is 40

Celebrating the 40th birthday of the humble Breville, meet the Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster that doubles the filling in your tasty toastie.

The new Breville Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster crams double the filling into your toastie. Breville

I'd like to propose a toast -- to the Breville toastie maker, which turns 40 this year. Life begins at 40 for the humble toastie as Breville unveils its new extra roomy, dishwasher-safe sandwich toaster.

Breville sandwich toasters consist of two heated plates, the top plate hinged so you can close it over the sandwich of your choice to heat the filling and lightly toast the bread, creating a toastie, or if you're of the American persuasion, a grilled cheese. The plates are designed with ridges to compress and seal the outside and make it easy to slice the toastie into two triangular sections.

The original Breville sandwich toaster, invented in 1974. Breville

Breville began in Australia in 1932 when Bill O'Brien and Harry Norville combined their talents and their names to build radios and, during World War II, mine detectors. In 1974 Breville created the sandwich toaster with which the company name has become synonymous. The rest is history: for four decades the toastie has been a student staple and gooey, piping-hot treat for families the length and bread-th of Britain.

So ingrained is the Breville in the British psyche, it was even name-checked in Simon Pegg-starring zombie comedy " Shaun of the Dead". How's that for a slice of fried gold?

The new Breville Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster crams more filling into each toastie by using a smaller plate with a deeper bed, allowing the bread to curve slightly and fit more between the two slices. Breville reckons you can get double the filling in the new toaster with the most. Some poor soul confirmed this by counting the number of baked beans in a toastie. The original model holds 50 baked beans but the deep fill model crams in 120 beans.

That's a lot of baked beans.

Once you're polished off your bready bonanza, instead of sticking the toaster back in the cupboard for another six months with crispy cheese still stuck to the sides, the plates can be removed and stuck in the dishwasher.

The Breville deep fill toastie-maker is on sale at Amazon, Argos, John Lewis, Debenhams and other shops from the end of July and costs £35.