How to keep your dehydrator dust-free when it's not in use

This tip will save you prep time when you dehydrate foods.

Alina Bradford
Alina Bradford CNET Contributor
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The last thing I want to do when I'm prepping foods for dehydration is to clean my dehydrator. Since it doesn't get used as often as my other appliances, though, it's usually quite dusty when I pull it out of the pantry. Some people wrap their dehydrator in plastic wrap to keep it clean, but I've found an easier, reusable solution.

Go to your local discount store and pick up a king-size pillowcase. It is the perfect size for a dehydrator cozy and will slide right over it to keep it dust-free. If you have a large dehydrator, purchase a small grill cover to shroud your dehydrator.

The next time you use your dehydrator, simply pop the cover into the washer so that it will be fresh when the appliance needs to go back into storage.