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Google spinoff Dandelion uses ground energy to heat, cool homes

Pump the heat into or out of your abode.

Dandelion Air can pump heat to and from homes.

Google spinoff Dandelion unveiled on Wednesday a smart heating and air conditioning system that uses energy from the ground to regulate your home's temperature.

The business, which originated in the semi-secret X research and development lab run by Google parent company Alphabet, was founded last year to sell geothermal energy systems to consumers. Its first commercial product is dubbed Dandelion Air.

Dandelion Air is a geothermal system that moves heat between the house and the ground using plastic pipes and a pump, bringing heat to the building in winter and pushing heat into the ground in summer.

The system is nearly twice as efficient as typical air conditioning systems and four times more efficient than traditional furnaces, the New York-based energy company said.

Installation isn't cheap. Dandelion estimates the cost at around $20,000, depending on home size and state and federal incentives. But the company notes that consumers are likely to save about 20 percent annually on the cost of home heating and cooling.

The system is available for most homes in New York starting Wednesday, after a six-month pilot program in the Hudson Valley and Capital District areas.

Would-be customers can see if their home qualifies via Dandelion's website.

"Whether you're a renewables advocate or not, this product is hands-down the best way to heat and cool your home," said Katie Ullmann, the company's director of communications.

First published May 30 at 6:10 a.m. PT.
Update, May 31 8:17 a.m. PT: Adds comment from Dandelion.